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With our partner program, we are able to take care of all your business needs. Whether it's marketing, website design, accounting services or most other business related services, we have a local connection who offers competitive rates as well as premium level service.

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  • Free Bookkeeper Skills Test

    Interested in testing out your bookkeeper's qualifications or want to test a prospective candidate? This free link will allow you to do just that. You can also decide whether the test taker can see their results.

    Click here for the Bookkeeper test setup page

  • Helpful Videos

  • How we fix the paperwork mess

  • Whether your data is in a computer, a box, or on the floor of your truck, we can help get you caught up quickly!

  • Compliance in a small business

    Are you worried about whether you are doing everything right? You're probably not because the system is designed in such a way that you are likely to fail, but this should help you understand what you are expected to do.

  • Building Good Bookkeeping Habits

    This is specifically for new clients, but is useful for anyone who wants to do a better job of managing bookkeeping in a small business.

  • How Tax Returns Work

    The average consumer doesn't understand how income flows from your self employment to your tax return. This video outlines this and covers itemized deductions as well as self employment tax.

  • My Philosophy

    This is about our owner's vision for small business and how he sees your business as a flourishing garden.

  • Washington DOR filing

    This outlines how a business owner should be filing their Department of Revenue tax return, be it monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • How to properly match schedule c categories with quickbooks chart of accounts

    If you are self employed you want to maxamize your pre-tax write offs. Following the IRS lead, it's best to match up your Quickbooks and Tax return categories. This explains how and why.

  • Owners equity

    How an owner should take funds from the company

  • Martial Arts and the Entrepreneur

    You might be surprised to see the similarites between martial arts and working for yourself. Every student needs a teacher. In business, your teachers are less obvious, but you still need to find one if you want success.

  • How to generate authentic customers without spending a fortune

    At the SBA Small Biz Fair, Russ Shulman presented to an enthusiastic audience on the topic of how he figured out the solution to the hardest problem he faced in business, generating customers.


  • Our Friends

    Our clients and referral partners provide goods and services in the areas of law, food, clothing, skilled trades, insurance, payroll, software, landscaping, consulting, retail, and non-profit. Those businesses we come into contact with who exemplify excellent service or who offer services we often refer out are listed below in no particular order. Please consider giving them a chance to earn your business
  • Social Media Strategy by Supercharge Marketing


    Marketing->Social Media

    Contact Information


    About Supercharge Marketing

    When you choose Super Charge Marketing, you are choosing professionals with a depth of experience in social media. We handle the setup, customization, design, content, and follower collection of such popular sites as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Our work also can include search engine optimization, video creation and promotion; website and blog design, and graphic design. We serve clients of all backgrounds and businesses both locally and around the world.

  • Ardea Coaching

    Marketing->Social Media

    Contact Information

    --Michael J. Coffey-- Digital Strategy for Small Business  Make the Web Work for You!   Request free site diagnostic

    About Ardea Coaching

    In the same way a bookkeeper helps keep your small business financial information in a way that helps you make good financial decisions, a digital analyst and strategist goes through your online marketing information to answer your key marketing questions.  Do you know where your most likely buyers come from?  Have you chosen social media sites that align with the demographics of your target market?  Which blog topics bring in the most traffic?  Will the color scheme on that new page increase or decrease sales?  Michael J. Coffey of Ardea Coaching has been working with small businesses and nonprofits since the 1990s to improve website and marketing performance using data analysis and strategic coaching.  To request your free website diagnostic, go to

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