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Auditing and Forensics

We work with attorneys, Accountants, Financial Planners, and many other financial professionals to help entrepreneurs solve complex bookkeeping problems.

What do we do?

In most cases, we take boxes of papers, electronic files, and bank records and go through them. We trace back the income and expense entries in your accounting system with the bank transaction where they occurred. This can look many different ways depending on the client. Here are just a few examples of the kind of work we've done recently.

Contractor Dispute 2014

The complainant had some construction work done at her home. When the work was completed, she felt she had been overcharged. We were hired to review the receipts, job logs, and other paperwork in the client's possession. We then contacted the contractor and asked for his records. By comparing the two, we were able to help the client gain clarity about the actual financial impact and how she should proceed.

Loan Dispute 2015

Two business partners owned a real estate investment and rehab company. One partner lent the company nearly $750K and subsequently was bought out. The loan payments stopped coming and the lender wanted to figure out how much was still owed to him by the company. We were asked to take several files of unsorted papers and figure out a timeline, all the data about the loans and make an assessment. Thanks to our work, the client was able to go to the business partner and resolve the situation without filing a lawsuit.

DOR Audit (2 cases) 2015

The clients had very little experience with tax agencies and were being audited by the Dept. of Revenue. We took all their records from their store point of sale system and re-created accurate financial records which the auditors then were able to use to complete the audit. Because of our work, we saved both clients money. One of them in the tens of thousands.

Theft 2015

This client owned a wholesale warehouse. Several of his employees were stealing cash and merchandise. After he found out and fired them, we were hired to figure out about how much money and merchandise had been taken. This was especially challenging because of over 10 bank accounts, much of their business was cash, and many of the invoices were missing because of their habit of buying goods for cash.

Need Financials Fast 2015

This client came to me when his court date was already past due. He needed 3 years of bank records converted into financials. Hes mixing money from 3 different companies into nearly a dozen bank accounts. We were able to get the financials done in a week.

Bad Bookkeeper 2016

The previous bookkeeper really didn't know what he was doing. The company was on a growth path and doing nearly $1.5 Million in annual revenue. There was over $100K in expenses missing from the books entirely, and accounts hadn't been reconciled in months. We were hired to simply come in and fix things.