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Bookkeep Express

Our most affordable service for simple needs.

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Full Service

Our customized service to suit your specific needs.

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Cleaning House

We get your books clean and current.

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We review the source documents for integrity.

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Cleaning House

Current Year Tax Prep

Tax season is just around the corner. If you're not ready, you know you should be. Your accountant is waiting for your records.

We will get your stuff together and have it packaged up for your accountant. We can rush this if necessary, because we recognize the importance

Past years Catch up

There's nothing wrong with being a little behind in tax filings. It can be costly, but it's fixable. It can take years before the IRS comes after you, but when they do, the interest and penalties can be painful. The mere fact you're late already proves you're better off hiring someone to help. We are experts at dealing with past due filings and record catch-up.

Co-mingling Separation

On the outside, maybe you don't see your current method to be a problem. One bank account, all your business and personal bills in one place? Well, it can be a problem in many ways.

If you ever intend to borrow money from a bank or sell your business, you will have to have those separate. But that's not the only reason to put up the wall. Keeping things separate maximizes your ability to get all the deductions owed to you. When you pay your personal bills with your business, you risk being discovered in an audit. Since it's your accountants job to make sure you don't get audited, you are preventing him/her from doing their job. Since you're paying your accountant to keep you out of trouble, let us get your business and personal life financially separate so you can get the most benefit from business ownership.