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Bookkeep Express

Our most affordable service for simple needs.

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Bookkeep Express

Not everyone has complex bookkeeping needs. It's commonly known that most business owners don't even need a bookkeeper until after the 1st year. While it's a normal part of business to need bank account access, the Bookkeep Express program does not. Instead, to save money for our clients and to create a way for micro and solo entrepreneurs to still get help, we offer this program as our entry level service.

How Does It Work?

Each month you will upload your bank statement(s) to our secure portal. We will be notified and will then review your statements. If there are any items we have questions about, we will let you know what we have questions about. This service includes Annual Department of Revenue tax filings, an annual audit for your federal return preparation, quarterly notices of self-employment tax deposit requirements, one hour of one-on-one consulting, and unlimited email support during normal business hours.