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For free tax help, you would call our hotline 844 TAXESWA. If you are interested in learning more about our bookkeeping services, please call (206) 794 3864.
No. An accountant generally handles tax accounting and tax filing with the IRS. I'm a bookkeeper and handle the recording of the day to day activities, so you and your accountant can make informed decisions and minimize the amount you spend on taxes.
I was a senior consultant at Washington Tax Services from 1998 to 2002. Then from 2002 to 2011 I owned a mortgage company. Between 2011 and 2014, I re-created myself as an entrepreneur and opened Sound Bookkeepers in 2014 after remembering that my Grandmother and my Mom were both bookkeepers. I spend dozens of hours each week researching and studying the needs of small business owners, to keep up on the new trends. I also have connections with dozens of referral professionals and am a regular speaker at a variety of business venues in the Puget Sound region.
As far as rates go, I already did some heavy research in that area and wrote an article about it which you can read here For most clients, there is a flat setup fee to start and then a flat monthly fee. For hourly billing, our rates are $95/hr for bookkeeping and $150/hr for consulting.
It was a calling. After 15 years in finance of various types, I fell into bookkeeping and it was immediately a fit. The majority of my business is referrals.
We have restaurants, consignment, skilled trades, technology, software, consulting, insurance, and more. One of our specialties is getting your house in order. We also call this helping "shoebox clients". We take all your documentation and convert it into Quickbooks and a set of financials. We do this for attorneys, business brokers, accountants, bankers, or anyone else who deals with a lot of financial paperwork realted to clients.
I had a client who was using Excel to track everything and was losing money because she wasn't sure if she could afford to hire an employee. I helped her see that even if she had to borrow the money, which she thankfully didn't, she absolutely had to hire someone because not enough labor was a major problem. That's fixed now and she is overjoyed! She says it's better than she hoped it would be.
I love this question, btw! Yes, clients come and they go. My Mom was a bookkeeper for 20 years and when I started my company, she told me I'd lose clients. As it turns out, businesses close. Also, owners sometimes realize after the books are set-up and they learn how to do it, that they don't need monthly service until they grow some more. Other times, there's a personality mismatch, or the client wants a higher level of service than they can afford.

Regardless of the reason, if a client chooses to leave, they can do so simply by notifying us in writing.
When that happens, and after we've determined nothing can be done to continue the relationship, your books are already in your control, so you simply remove our access from your accounts and we will return to you anything in our possession which we have no use for, and would be important to have for your records.
I wish more entrepreneurs knew that it is hard to be successful in business without someone being accountable for the financial health of your business. Most bookkeepers don't do this. The average bookkeeper is not a Chief Finance Officer, they are record keepers. Some owners think because they have a bookkeeper, their finances are being monitored, but that's simply not the case most of the time.
Be sure to ask the relevant questions so that you'll know if your bookkeeper can give you what your business needs. Ask things like:
  • Tell he how you help your clients make money.
  • What would you consider to be an indicator of whether you're doing a good job as a bookkeeper?
  • What type of financial predictions will you be able to help me with?
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